B.A. in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies B.A. enhances the mission of Florida International University to achieve excellence in diverse aspects of its international studies programming. This degree is designed for students who possess a desire for intellectual growth that focuses on their interest in Asia. It serves the urban population of Miami, which seeks employment opportunities and economic advancement through cultural and commercial connections with Asia. The study of this increasingly important world region, with an emphasis on China, Japan, India, and Central and Southeast Asia, provides a multidisciplinary approach covering the languages and culture, philosophy and religion, arts and literature, as well as issues in history, politics, geography, sociology/anthropology, international relations, education and business.

The degree provides students with a foundation in the traditional cultures and modern socio-economic societies of Asia and its dynamics in the global environment. Asian Studies provides instruction, advising, and experiential opportunities for students in an environment promoting scholarship, critical thinking, free inquiry, and clear and candid communication.

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