Asian Globalization

Asian Globalization Graduate Certificate Program

The Certificate in Asian Globalization Studies emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to the studies of Asia on the global stage. This program offers a 15-credit sequence of courses that provides graduate students with an in-depth learning experience of an increasingly important region (Asia) in comparison with another world region such as Africa, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East. This program allows students the opportunity to study thematic issues related to Asia such as migration, identity, trade, education, technology, environment, and international affairs from a multidisciplinary, multiregional approach.

Requirements (15 Credits)

Students must take 9 credits of courses in Asian Studies in addition to 6 credits of courses in another specific region. All students are to choose from the courses listed below with the approval of the Director with a grade of B or better.

Required Course (3 credits)

ASN 5315 Topics in Modern Asia
ASN 5050 Methods in Asian Studies
ASN 6930 Asian Studies Seminar

Electives in Asian Studies (6 credits)

See sample list of courses below

Electives in Globalization (6 credits)

See sample list of courses below

Sample Courses in Asian Studies or Comparative Topics

  • ASH 5546 Pre-Modern Japan
  • ASH 5905 Readings in Asian History
  • ASH 5930 Topics in Asian History
  • ASN 5910 Asian Values in Business
  • ASN 5130 Zen and the Arts
  • CPO 5091 Seminar in Comparative Politics
  • ECO 5709 World Economy
  • ECO 5735 Multinational Corporations
  • ECP 5707 International Economic Problems and Policies
  • HIS 5289 Comparative History
  • IDS 6938 Great Ideas Seminar: Human Nature
  • INR 5544 The New Asian Century
  • INR 5086 Islam in International Relations
  • INR 5315 Foreign Policy Analysis
  • INR 6205 World Politics
  • INR 6017 Comparative Approaches to Area Studies and Global Issues
  • MUH 5057 Music of the World
  • MUH 5575 Survey of Asian Music
  • REL 5346 Seminar on Buddhism
  • REL 5352 Religions of East Asia
  • REL 6395 Seminar in Asian Religions
  • SYD 6655 Seminar on Social Change in Asia

In addition to area studies courses, relevant special topics, independent study, study abroad credits, and area studies or comparative studies courses may also be applied with the approval of an Asian Studies advisor or Program Director.


  • Language proficiency as appropriate for the student's area specialization

For a list of available courses, see the Complete List of Courses.