Asian Studies

Asian Studies Graduate Certificate Program

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies provides students with a dynamic learning experience about a fascinating and increasingly important region of the world, and the certificate must be pursued in conjunction with another graduate program at FIU. At 15 credits (5 courses) this program provides an overview of the philosophy, religion, art history, language, and literature of Asia as well as issues in history, politics, geography, sociology/anthropology, and international relations. Students can choose between two areas of concentration, language or non-language, for the Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies.

This program is available to students who are enrolled in a graduate program at FIU who wish to develop a specialized focus on Asia.

Requirements (15 credits):

Core Course (3 credits)

Choose one of the following:

  • ASN 5315 Topics in Modern Asia
  • ASN 5050 Methods in Asian Studies
  • ASN 6930 Asian Studies Seminar
  • Other ASN course with Program Director's approval

Regional Studies Courses (12 credits):

Sample courses in studies of Asia or a sub-region (additional courses will be considered):

  • ASH 5446 Pre-modern Japan
  • ASH 5905 Readings in Asian History
  • ASN 5120 Religion and Society in Japan
  • ASN 5131 Zen and the Arts II
  • ASN 5171 International Relations of Contemporary China
  • ASN 5211 Asian Cultures and Influences
  • ASN 5306 Applying Asian Cultural Values in Business
  • ASN 5605 Silk Road: Then and Now
  • ASN 5815 Studies of Classical East Asian Texts
  • ASN 5910 Independent Research in Asian Studies
  • ASN 5932 Special Topics in Asian Studies
  • ASN 6930 Seminar in Asian Studies
  • ECO 5206 Economics of Asia
  • INR 5544 The New Asian Century
  • INR 5086 Islam in International Relations
  • REL 5346 Seminar on Buddhism
  • REL 5352 Religions of East Asia
  • REL 6395 Seminar in Asian Religions
  • SYD 6655 Seminar on Social Change in Asia

For a list of available courses, see the Complete List of Courses.