Policy for Non-Asian Related Courses

Policy for Non-Asian Related Courses (No Exceptions)

Effective Fall 2008, this policy will also apply to non-Asian specific courses on the Asian Studies complete course list for graduate courses.

Requesting Permission Before the Semester

  1. The student must get permission from the Asian Studies Program Director and/or Graduate Director. There must be written documentation (e-mail exchanges will be allowed) from the professor and the student confirming that the course will have a significant research component on Asia. The documentation must be on record in the student's file in the Asian Studies Office.

Confirming at the End of the Semester

  1. The student must submit their graded, Asia related research project to the Graduate Committee upon completion of the course.
  2. The Graduate Committee will review the project to evaluate whether it complies with the policy so that the course in question may count. Students must take full responsibility for completing the appropriate actions and ensuring updates. If these guidelines are followed, the expectation is that the courses in question will contribute constructively to the student's overall program of interdisciplinary study.