M.A. Program Requirements

MAAS offers three exit options: Non-Thesis Master's Essay (30 credits), Non-Thesis Research Essay plus Self-Study (30 credits), or Thesis (30 credits)

Core Coursework (9 credits)

Please select three courses from the following list to satisfy the Core Coursework requirement.*

  • ASN 5315 Topics in Modern Asia
  • ASN 5050 Methods in Asian Studies
  • ASN 5815 Studies of East Asian Texts
  • SYD 6901 Cities in Asia
  • ASN 5213 Asian Studies Colloquium
  • ASN 5910 Independent Research in Asian Studies
  • ASN 6930 Seminar in Asian Studies
  • ASN 6940 Internship in Asian Studies

Core Concentration Coursework (15 credits)

Students must complete 15 credits of additional coursework relevant to their research topic. Students may receive credit through independent study, study abroad, or Internship approved by the program advisor.

An additional research methods course in a discipline related to the student’s primary area of study may be taken as an elective, such as:

  • HIS 6059 Historical Methods
  • INR 5615 Research Design in International Relations
  • POS 5706 Research Methodology
  • RLG 6013 Modern Analysis of Religion
  • RLG 6935 Seminar in Sacred Texts
  • SYA 6305 Research Methods I
  • or equivalent

Students may take up to 6 credits in independent studies or internship coursework.

Master's Exit Options

  • Option A: Thesis (6 credits)
    • a. ASN 6972 Master's Thesis (6 credits)
    • b. 70 pages of research required

PLEASE NOTE - To pursue the Thesis option, approval from the Program Director is required. Students are also expected to submit all necessary paperwork to Asian Studies, SIPA, and UGS on a timely manner. Moreover, students are responsible for finding qualified faculty who will agree to form part of their thesis committee.

Click here to view the MAAS Graduate Handbook.

Note about Language Requirements: Proficiency in an Asian language may be required if relevant to thesis project. Relevance will be determined by the thesis committee.

Students must take full responsibility to ensure the completion of all requirements. Please keep in mind that graduate students MUST be enrolled in at least one credit of graduate coursework in the semester in which they plan to graduate. If the student is completing the Thesis Option they must be enrolled in at least one Thesis credit in the semester in which they plan to graduate. Failure to enroll in the appropriate credit may result in the postponement of graduation.

To set up an appointment for advising, please contact Asian Studies by phone at 305-348-1914 or by e-mail: asian@fiu.edu.

If you would like to track your progress in the MA Program, a checklist for degree progress is available at the Asian Studies office or online.