National Consortium for the Teaching about Asia: Asian Studies at Florida International University

A nationwide professional development program for K-12 teachers to encourage teaching and learning about Asia.

Asian Studies at FIU is proud to host the NCTA program for the ten southern counties in the state of Florida. This project is an ideal introduction to Asian culture, history, and society that demonstrates to teachers how to infuse Asian materials into their classrooms. Asian Studies hosts seminars during the academic year and the summer term on East Asian history, religion, international and political affairs, geography, literature, and culture.

NCTA Seminar

NCTA Seminar - Flyer

Location: FIU’s MMC Campus
Focus on Asia Seen Through Film, with key movies shown and discussed.

This seminar is designed to give Florida K-12 teachers an introduction to the history and contemporary issues and problems of East Asia, a region whose dynamism and vibrancy is sure to make it an even larger part of the state of Florida and our children’s future.


The main goals include:

  • Through the use of films we will create an understanding of East Asian culture and the relation between traditional and modern thought in the context of globalized social history.
  • Apply this knowledge about Asia to specific and original lesson plans for incorporation into each teacher participants’ curriculum.
  • Seminar Dates for Fall 2016:
    • Inquire with Asian Studies Program
    • Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Room TBA


Benefits to the Participants:

  • Instruction covers the contemporary culture and society of East Asia
  • Master plan credit and/or course credit available (where applicable)
  • In-Service Points available for Broward and Dade County teachers

Main Requirement:

  • Create lesson plan infusing Asia into the curriculum through the use of Asian films


FIU's NCTA Archive:


Education Links

Asia for Educators (AFE), Columbia University
Expanding East Asian Studies (ExEAS), Columbia University
Stanford Project for International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE), Stanford - University
Environment: Asia, University of Kansas
Silk Road, University of Kansas
JapaNet, former Florida International University Project


To apply contact:
Asian Studies Program
FIU’s MMC Campus
11200 SW 8th Street - SIPA 505
Miami, FL 33199
Phone: 305-348-1914


Visit NCTA national site at: NCTA National Site