Japan Relief Bake Sale Fundraiser

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On Monday, March 21, the Asian Studies Program co-sponsored a Japan Relief Bake Sale Fundraiser that was organized by Asian Studies Teaching Assistant, Jennifer Garcia. The event took place in front of the GC pit from 11:00am – 4:00pm. A tremendous amount of support from Asian Studies students, faculty, and the FIU community made this event a great success. All baked goods were donated and additional monetary donations were accepted on site. The total amount collected from this event was $1,157.00 and will all be donated to the Japan Red Cross Society.

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All proceeds went to the Japan Red Cross Society for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

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Asian Studies students (Left to Right) Jennifer Garcia, Ian Verhine, Yesenia Abdelfattah, and Danielle Romero

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Japanese students Erichan Iam and Masafumi Yoshinaga also participated

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Asian Studies Professor, Dr. Eric Messersmith purchased some sweets on his way to class

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Asian Studies students and alumni (Left to Right), Carlos Corrales, Luis Fonteboa, and Kristina Pino were helping spread the word in GC

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Asian Studies Adjunct Instructor, Masako Kubota donated Japanese sweets to sell at the table

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Asian Studies students and volunteers (Left to Right) Lisa Hurtado, Jennylee Diaz, Yesenia Abdelfattah, Julie Ayo, and Jennifer Garcia

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Asian Studies Associate Professor, Dr. Matthew Marr contributed to the donations

Image 11

Display cake by Asian Studies undergraduate Jennylee Diaz

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Students inquire about the variety of sweets offered on the table