2010-2011 Graduates & Student News

M.A. in Asian Studies Graduates

This past year seven students graduated with a Master of Arts in Asian Studies, including:

  • Christina M. Donahue, "U.S. Media Representations of the Uyghurs"
  • Lisa DosSantos, "Asian Studies Pedagogy in High School"
  • Veljko Dujin, “Zen Art Produced for Use in Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) Since 1900”
  • Jason Ehlen, “What’s a Little Proliferation Among Friends? A Discourse of Think Tank Writings on the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Agreement”
  • YuanYuan Fang (Thesis), “China’s Exercise of Soft Power: A Comparative Study”
  • Jennifer A. Garcia, “The Rise in Popularity of Japanese Culture with American Youth: Causes of the ‘Cool Japan’ Phenomenon”
  • Elena Pisani, “Holding Up Half the Screen: Female Roles and Images in Chinese Cinema”
  • Ian Verhine (Thesis with Honors), “The Modern Japanese Translation Industry”
  • Yue Wang, “The Beijing Olympics’ Effect on China’s Economy and Politics”

B.A. in Asian Studies Graduates

Doria Bareket, Aaron Benge, Mary Botero, Carrice A. Brown, Fawn Coba, Carlos Corrales, Caterina Correa, Zenen de Armas, Christian Deleveaux, Eva Melissa Duenas, Natasha Eckhart, James Fichera, Luis A. Fonteboa, Zenel Garcia, Kennisha Gaynor, Alejandro Geerman, Mark Hernandez, Camilla Ingegneri, Chandra Isaac, Jessica Joanne Knudsen, JoAnn Loiodice, Marcela López-Bravo (Honors), Estefania Loredo, Renee Martindale, Sasha Nicolle, Frank Nieves, Viviana P. Ordoñez, Chris J. Piverotto, Chris Plesent, Thomas J. Rayson, Jillian Roland, Nathaniel F. Schorb, Felisha Shakeer, Shanna Shirley Smith, Paola Torres, Ryan Tracy, Christina E. Valdes, Angela K. Vegega, Carolina Ventura.

Student News

In the M.A program, Ian Verhine and YuanYuan Fang graduated this summer as the first students to complete the Thesis option . Ian Verhine also graduated with Honors. In addition, Marcela López Bravo completed the Asian Studies B.A. with an Honors thesis on China.

Asian Studies is proud to announce that James Fichera, Jennifer A. Garcia, and Chandra Isaac were chosen to by the Japanese Teaching and Exchange Program (JET) as 2011–2012 Assistant Language Teachers (ALT). They will be assisting English language teachers in Japan throughout the year.

Yuanyuan Fang, Chandra Isaac, Carolina Ventura, and Ian Verhine received the “Award for Academic Excellence” for their outstanding academic standing, professor recommendation, and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Karen Cespedes has won a prestigious award from the U.S. State Department to conduct a distinguished, paid internship at the American Institute in Taiwan from June 2011 to August 2011.

Adam Johnson, who is pursuing a M.A. in Asian Studies, will be doing research for his thesis at China University of Political Science and Law this summer. He was nominated to receive the Chinese Studies teaching assistantship for the 2011-2012 academic year sponsored by the D&E Foundation.

Sharon Thieman was provided the opportunity to work under the supervision of the Phillip Frost Art Museum staff at FIU to plan and execute an exhibit of her artwork in a solo exhibition in New York City in March. Her artwork was also displayed this spring at the Phillip Frost Art Museum in an exhibit organized by Graduate alumnus in Asian Studies, Veljko Dujin.

Melonija Van Coevering, Rosalin Delgado, and Matthew Iverson were awarded the 2011 Benjamin Gilman Scholarship to study abroad in China during summer 2011. Jorge Cutidor, Ignacio Jimeno, Miguel Ovalles, and Saranhais Zerpa were awarded the scholarship for fall 2011 and will be studying abroad in Japan.

The following students received the 2011 Fu Foundation Scholarship to be used towards study abroad opportunities in Asia:

  • Julia Beabout – China. Julia will be participating in the Summer Intensive Chinese Language Program at the Beijing Institute for Education where she will be studying Mandarin, conducting research for her thesis, and interviewing Chinese families about contemporary social issues.
  • Karen Cespedes – Taiwan. Karen has won a prestigious award from the U.S. State Department to conduct a distinguished, paid internship at the American Institute in Taiwan.
  • Adam Johnson – China. Adam will be attending China University of Political Science and Law to participate in the Language and Chinese Law Program, continue his thesis research and study Mandarin and a minority language.
  • Vanessa Ostby – China. Vanessa will be studying Chinese language, culture and business at Zhejiang University this summer by participating in FIU’s China Study Abroad Program.
  • Mariana Restrepo – Nepal. Mariana will be participating in an intensive Sanskrit Language Program at the Center for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute at Kathmandu University, in Nepal.