Japan Immersion Day

Japan Immersion Day was held on Monday, December 10th from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM, organized by the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ), Consulate General of Japan in Miami, Department of Modern Languages, and Asian Studies Program. In its 12th year, it has introduced students to Japanese culture through various workshops and activities.

Image: gabie-and-masako-1.jpg

(Left to Right)Adjunct Instructor, Masako Kubota, dresses Asian Studies Graduate Assistant, Gabriela Romeu, in a summer Japanese kimono.

Image:  kimono2.jpeg

Asian Studies undergraduate student, Katrina Ankrum, displays her festive traditional Japanese kimono.

Image:  toylesson.jpeg

Asian Studies undergraduate student and FIU Japan Club President, Laura Gonzalez, demonstrates how to make traditional Japanese bracelets and play with traditional Japanese toys.

Image:  toy-1.jpeg

Masafumi Yoshinaga attempts the traditional game of Daruma Otoshi. The objective of the game is to hit each of the colored pieces, with a small wooden hammer and leaving only Daruma’s head, without letting the pieces fall during the game.

Image: bracelets.jpeg

(Left to Right) Asian Studies Graduate Assistant, Gabriela Romeu, and Asian Studies undergraduate student, Kat Ankrum, show off their self-made traditional Japanese bracelets.

Image:  calligraphy-3.jpeg

Assistant Director of Language Programs and Japanese Language Instructor, Asuka Mashav, assists students with the art of Japanese calligraphy.

Image:  calligraphy.jpeg

Asian Studies undergraduate student, David Arroyo, practices Japanese calligraphy.

Image:  origami.jpeg

Naoya Yoshioka showcases his skill in origami.

Image:  sushi-making.jpeg

Fresh ingredients ready for the sushi workshop.

Image: chopsticks.jpeg

Materials used to make decorative Japanese chopsticks.