New Interdisciplinary Major in Japanese Area Studies

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A new interdisciplinary major in Japanese Area Studies, which is a branch of the Asian Studies B.A. degree, has been approved and will be offered beginning in Fall 2013. The major, which emphasizes Japanese language and culture as well as other courses in area studies, caps off the development of programs in Japanese language and non-language courses.

The Asian Studies Program has a regular flow of over 250 students per semester in various levels of language courses, and of approximately 150 students majoring in Asian Studies, about two-thirds concentrate in Japanese studies.

The Japanese Area Studies major requires three years of Japanese language: a first year of language, which is a prerequisite that does not count towards the requirements of the major, and two additional years (12 credits) of advanced language courses. Area Studies course requirements include Introduction to East Asia (ASN3410), Japanese Culture & Society (JPN3500), a new course titled Research in Japanese Studies (ASN4913), six credits of Japan-specific courses (besides language courses), six credits of other Asian Area Studies electives, and either Dynamics of Asia (ASN4510) or Modern Asia (ASN4390), which counts as the capstone course.