New Japanese Courses - Spring 2013

As part of the new Japanese Area Studies Major program, which is a branch of the Asian Studies B.A. degree, Dr. Hitomi Yoshio will offer Japanese language and literature courses. Dr. Yoshio’s research interests include 19th and 20th century Japanese literature and cultural criticism, Japanese postwar literature and film, Japanese women’s writing from the 10th century to present, intellectual and cultural history of Japan, translation and media studies, and the history of women’s education.

During Spring 2013, Dr. Yoshio will teach ASN 4810 - “East Asian Texts in Translation" and JPN 4930 – “Special Topics: Reading and Translating Modern Japanese Literature,”* which have been implemented as part of the Japanese Area Studies Major program. This is the first time that the Asian Studies Program will offer Japanese literature and translational courses. Students can register for the Japanese Area Studies Major beginning in Fall 2013.

*Please note that JPN 4930 requires the completion of JPN 2201 – “Intermediate Japanese II”