M.A. Student Julia Beabout Recognized as “Worlds Ahead Graduate”

Asian Studies M.A. student Julia Beabout was recognized as a “World Ahead Graduate” as she received her Master’s Degree and a Chinese Studies Certificate in spring of 2013.

Julia Beabout’s curiosity in Asian culture began as a child when her father traveled frequently to China on business. As an adult, she lived in Hawaii where the strong Asian influences transformed her interest into a passion.

Julia, an engineer, moved to Florida several years ago and decided to enroll in FIU’s Asian Studies program to pursue her passion and advanced career opportunities with Asia. Her time here led to three study-abroad programs in China, including FIU's Hangzhou program and two, 8-week, intensive, immersion language programs in Beijing and Xian. In the summer of 2012, Julia received the prestigious U.S. State Department's Critical Language Scholarship for Chinese language study.

As a mature student venturing into a new and unfamiliar academic field, Julia's path towards a degree has been arduous. She credits professors Steven Heine, Thomas Breslin and Ma Li for providing excellent guidance and encouragement during times of challenge. She is also grateful to her friends, classmates and family, especially her husband, for their support.

Julia has received a scholarship to study Chinese for a semester in China after graduation. In the longer term, she plans to continue working as an engineer while seeking additional language training and business opportunities in or with China. She is also considering taking her studies to the Ph.D. level.

Julia Beabout in China
Julia Beabout in China