Southern Japan Seminar

This year's event was a great success and had a wonderful turnout. With seven presenters, divided between the morning and afternoon panels, the audience was introduced to interesting and new ideas on Japanese literature, language, politics, history, religion, education, and economy.

The morning panel explored different components of Japanese literature in relation to “women’s style literature” during the traditional period, modern women’s educa-tion, as well as the role of Charles E. Tuttle Co.’s post-war publishing of Japa-nese classics.

The presenters were:

  • Dr. Satoko Naito, University of Maryland Writing Rivalry: Sei Shōnagon, Murasaki Shikibu and the Ideal of the Woman Writer
  • Dr. Hitomi Yoshio, Florida International University The Ideal Woman and Jogaku zasshi: Women and the Literary Profession in Late 19th Century Japan and Victorian England
  • Dr. Steven Heine, Florida International University Charles E. Tuttle and the Transformation of Post-War Publishing about Japan
  • With respondents: Dr. Joseph Murphy, University of Florida & FIU Asian Studies Graduate Students

In the afternoon panel students from various FIU departments and Duke University presented topics, including the Japanese textbook controversy during World War II; a critique of a Japanese religious text from the 1930s; perceptions of China and Japan during the Bubble Economy; and the invention of Japanese political terminology in the Meiji Era.

The presenters were:

  • Gabriela Romeu, Florida International University The Japanese History Textbook Controversy Amid Post-War Sino-Japanese Relations
  • Michael Quick, Duke University Hanshūkyō tōsō no hata no moto ni: A Derelict Critique of Japanese Religion
  • Shelly Wick, Florida International University Constructing Threat: How Americans Identify Economic Competitors
  • Bradley Hammond, Florida International University A ‘Brief Era of Experimentation’: How The Early Meiji Political Debates Shaped Japanese Political Terminology
  • With respondents: FIU Asian Studies Faculty & Graduate Students

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