Japanese Speech Contest Student Winners Recognized by the Consul General of Japan in Miami

The Association for Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ) recently organized the Japanese Speech & Skit Contest on March 23, 2013 at FIU. Consul General of Japan in Miami, Mr. Eiichi Kawahara invited winners of the contest to his residence on May 1st because Mr. Masahiro Ogino (Deputy Consul General) who was one of the judges at the Speech Contest was very impressed with our students' accomplishments at FIU. Here are the names of the students and the title of their impressive Japanese presentations:

  • Luis Aguirre
    • 日本と私(Japan and Myself)
  • Jhonathan Baez
    • 日本の歴史(Japanese History)
  • Sarah Daut
    • 行けば都 (Japan is the Best Place To Be)

      AFTJ From left to right: Mr. Masahiro Ogino (Deputy Consul General of Japan in Miami), Naoko Komura (President of AFTJ/Instructor of Japanese at FIU), Sarah Daut (student), Jhonatan Baez (student), Mr. Eiichi Kawahara (Consul General of Japan in Miami & Advisory Board Member of SIPA), Luis Aguirre (student), Asuka Mashav (Japanese Program Coordinator/Senior Instructor and Assistant Director of Language Programs, Asian Studies Program).

      AFTJ2 From left to right: Sarah Daut, Jhonatan Baez, Mr. Eiichi Kawahara, and Luis Aguirre.