Volume XXV (2021)

JSR 2021 [Volume XXV]

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

Volume XXV Introduction


Selections of Zen Buddhist Poetry in Kanbun Reflecting Early Medieval Cross-Cultural and Cross-Sectarian Trends
Steven Heine

Embodied Survival and Demythologization in Kirino Natsuo’s Tokyo Jima
Juliana Buriticá Alzate

Making Movies for the Chinese: Japanese Directors at Manying
Yuxin Ma

Ishikawa Tatsuzō and Shimazaki Tōson. Two Writers/Travelers to South America in the Eye of Imperial Discourse
Matías Chiappe Ippolito


Swallowtail Butler Café: Cosplay, Otakus, and Cool Japan in Contemporary Japan
Kinko Ito and Paul A. Crutcher

Jack London’s Positive Portrayals of the Japanese in His Early Childhood Fiction Defy His Reputation as a Racist
Daniel A. Métraux

Book Reviews

Book Reviews by Wayne E. Arnold, Kinko Ito, Daniel A. Métraux, and Kedao Tong

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