Curricular Development

Curricular Development

The grant will also integrate Japanese historical awareness into a variety of other established courses at FIU in Art History, International Relations, Religious Studies, and Global & Sociocultural Studies, to create curricular strengths in late pre-modern and modern Japanese societal and intellectual issues, in addition to other disciplines. FIU will establish a competition for faculty to apply for infusion of Japanese components in three courses per year; some examples may include “State and Society in China,” “International Political Economy,” and “American Foreign Policy.”

As part of the South Florida Partnership agreement, FIU will work with FAU’s foreign languages department and other Asian Studies faculty in order to infuse Japanese components into these courses. The grant will enable FAU to expand their offerings to include courses on Japanese culture and also to promote research on Japan by scholars whose primary focus is on China or non-Asian cultures. FAU will offer a new course on “Japanese Culture and Society,” which will help lead to increased enrollments in language and related curriculum, and also infuse existing classes on “History of Modern China” or “Asia Pacific Rim Politics.” Furthermore, community college faculty will be invited to participate in workshops and FIU will collaborate with Miami-Dade College’s annual Asia-Pacific Heritage Month event series.

Dr. Michael Horswell will coordinate FAU activities with the Chair of the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature, who supervises the Japanese culture instructor and helps oversee the Japanese Minor at FAU, and with the Director of the Asian Studies Certificate, Dr. Ken Holloway, to publicize the other professional development opportunities for FAU faculty. Dr. Holloway will help oversee the selection process for the course infusion awards and the study tour awards, and will also work to strengthen the Asian Studies Certificate through these new initiatives.

Support for the creation and teaching of a new course on Japanese culture for our Japanese Minor and Asian Studies Certificate program. FAU’s Japanese instructor will develop and teach this course. This course will be developed in fall 2013 and taught in spring 2014.

Two faculty members with competence in related fields will be selected through a competitive process to receive stipends to do research needed for course infusion.