Study Tour

Study Tour

Selected faculty and/or graduate students from FIU and FAU will have the opportunity to participate each year with Japanese research specialist to develop scholarship on specific areas in Japan. During the first and second year, participants in an eight-day trip will be accompanied by professors in the field to Kyoto and Tokyo, while the new hire will lead a trip to a location based on his/her research in year three.

Sociology Group

Currently planning to attend a sociology conference in Yokohama, July 2014.

  • Matthew Marr, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Bin Xu, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Graduate Student (TBD)

Chinese and Comparative Studies Group

  • Li Ma, Assistant Director of Chinese Cultural Programs; Chinese Language Instructor
  • Hitomi Yoshio, Assistant Professor in Japanese Studies and Culture
  • Julie Zeng, Assistant Professor of International Relations