National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

The Asian Studies Program received a grant for a Summer Institute on Global Japan, entitled Tokyo: High City and Low City: A NEH Summer Institute for College and University Teachers.

The Institute is designed to lead participants in an in-depth humanistic exploration of the literary, religious, and philosophical movements that have visibly—and invisibly—contributed to the construction of modern Japan. By providing a platform in each session for a focused yet flexible investigation into the markers of tradition and modernity in Japan’s capital city, the Summer Institute will infuse college teachers with new critical knowledge of diverse local and global perspectives on Japanese identity.

The Institute will be tentatively held during June 2016. In addition to structured sessions and study, participants will also be further immersed in the traditions, history and heritage of Japan through multiple artistic and cultural events and excursions organized for the evenings and the weekend. Through a reading of key literary works and select secondary sources, participants will engage in focused study of four main themes to examine the variegated developments in Tokyo’s High City and Low City over the past one hundred and fifty years.

When the award was announced, NEH Chairman William Adams stated, “The grant projects announced today represent the very best of humanities scholarship and programming. NEH is proud to support programs that illuminate the great ideas and events of our past, broaden access to our nation’s many cultural resources, and open up for us new ways of understanding the world in which we live.” For the full press release, visit the NEH website.