Minor in Asian Studies

This program is designed with an interdisciplinary approach to Asian Studies. This 15 credit minor supports specialized focuses such as area, comparative, or language studies. It prepares students interested in careers in international business, state or federal government, foreign affairs, and education, and more.

Program Requirements (15 credits)

A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses (C- is not acceptable).

Required Course: (3 credits)

Students must choose one of the courses below in Asian Studies; students should consult with an advisor about current course offerings.

  • ASN 3200 Asia Through Films
  • ASN 3403 Zen and the Art of Tea Ceremony
  • ASN 3410 Introduction to East Asia (Satisfies UCC, Global Learning, and Gordon Rule requirements for FIU)
  • ASN 4390 Modern Asia
  • ASN 4510 Dynamics of Asia

Electives: (12 credits)

Students must select 12 elective credits from interdisciplinary, upper division (3000 level or higher) courses with emphasis on Asia. Students are encouraged to take language courses, participate in the study abroad programs, and internships. Up to six (6) credits of language may be accepted towards the minor.

The following courses represent a partial list of courses accepted to fulfill this requirement. Please speak with an advisor for a complete list of acceptable courses.

  • ASN 3200 Asia Through Films
  • ASN 3403 Zen and the Art of Tea Ceremony
  • ASN 3440 History of Japan
  • ASN 4390 Modern Asia
  • ASN 4510 Dynamics of Asia
  • CPO 4507 Comparative Political Economy of Asia
  • ECS 3003 Comparative Economic Systems
  • INR 3081 Contemporary International Problems
  • INR 3223 Japan and the US
  • JPN 3500 Japanese Culture and Society (Discipline-Specific Global Learning)
  • REL 3308 Studies in World Religions (UCC Foundations OR Discipline-Specific Global Learning)
  • SYD 4451 Japanese Society in Global Perspective (Discipline-Specific Global Learning)

NOTE: Only six (6) credits may be shared between the Asian Studies Minor and any Asian Studies undergraduate certificate (i.e. Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Asian Globalization and Latin America, and/or South and Southeast Asia Studies).

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