Since I came to FIU from Pennsylvania State University in 1997, Asian Studies has grown from a glint in the eye to a major, continually growing, program. This has been accomplished with the support of former President Maidique and a number of important administrators, committed faculty and staff, and the enthusiastic interest of students.

Starting with a small certificate program that did not have a language requirement, we now have a vigorous program of Chinese and Japanese studies that supports the Master's and Bachelor's degree as well as a variety of advanced certificates and a minor. Through networking with K-12 schools, businesses, and community organizations, Asian Studies participates in a wide range of outreach activities.

The building blocks for the growth of Asian Studies have been internal support matched by external grants and fund raising. Asian Studies faculty and curriculum development that provides outstanding courses for students had been created through funding from the Department of Education (including Title VI), the Japan Foundation (including the Center for Global Partnership), the National Endowment of the Humanities, and the Freeman Foundation, among others. A small but steady influx from Fu Foundation support has been crucial to sending students to Asia on a regular basis.

Our series of lectures, workshops, events, and performances have been an important factor in invigorating academic excellence and fostering opportunities for the interaction of students with leading scholars in Asian Studies from throughout the world including East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We are proud to sponsor the Southern Japan Seminar which is one of many conferences produced by Asian Studies over the last decade that contributes to the peer-reviewed journal Japan Studies Review.

Steven Heine, Professor
Director of Asian Studies
Associate Director of the School for International and Public Affairs