Graduate Student Conference and Alumni Reception


  • “Zen Master Dögen ls (1200-1253) Enlightenment Experience: A Text-Historical and Linguistic Analysis of Traditional and Modern Sources"
    • Katrina Ankrum, Respondent: Dr. Steven Heine
  • "Monstrous Maternity: Folkloric Expressions of the Feminine in Images of the Ubume"
    • Michaela Prostak, Respondent: Lisa Brown
  • "Student Movements in Japan: A Historical Analysis"
    • Carlos Aponte, Respondent: Zenel Garcia


(left to right) Lisa Brown, Michaela Prostak, Katrina Ankrum, Dr. Steven Heine, Carlos Aponte, and Zenel Garcia


Learn How to Conference Successfully

  • In Fall 2015, the Asian Studies Alumni and Friends hosted the How to Conference Successfully Workshop, teaching students and Asian Studies alumni how to:
    • Find Conferences
    • Prepare and Submit Proposals
    • Get Funding
    • Present
    • Network