M.A./Ph.D in Asian Studies & International Relations

Joint Degree Program: Master of Arts in Asian Studies & Ph.D. in International Relations

Since Fall 2009, Asian Studies is offering a joint Asian Studies MA/International Relations PhD program. This program allows qualified graduate students to pursue both degrees concurrently. To be accepted into this program, students must submit an online application for the combined MA in Asian Studies and the PhD in International Relations by February 15 in the year in which they wish to begin their studies. Applicants who wish to be considered for financial assistance in the form of a teaching assistantship must apply by January 15th. Applicants must meet the admission eligibility requirements and follow the admission procedures for both programs. Students must fulfill the requirements for both programs. The International Relations PhD program will accept up to 33 credits earned toward fulfilling the requirements of the Asian Studies MA program. In addition to completing the required courses for the Asian Studies MA, students will also need to complete 75 credits for the Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations. Please consult with the Asian Studies Graduate Committee for more information on this program.

Note: MA students in Asian Studies enrolled in the Joint Degree Program will be eligible for PhD level Teaching Assistantships.