Chinese Film Screening OLD STONE @ MDC

Event information

A remarkable Chinese film, OLD STONE, will be screened in Miami. Please see the info below.


Here’s a synopsis of the film:

In a mid-sized Chinese city, a drunk, unruly passenger causes Lao Shi’s taxi to accidently hit a motorcyclist. Instead of speeding away, the doggedly decent Lao Shi leaps to the injured man’s aid, taking him to a nearby hospital when calls to emergency personnel prove futile. Under Chinese law, however, Lao Shi becomes responsible for the victim’s burgeoning, seemingly unending medical bills. (Ironically, had the victim had been killed by the accident, Lao Shi’s responsibilities would have ended with the payment of a nominal fine.) Lao Shi wants to do the right thing, but everyone around him, including his wife, begin to ridicule and abandon him for his ostensibly outdated moral code.

Based on a real-life incident, Old Stone evolves from a Kafkaesque nightmare of bureaucratic dodge, insurance loop holes and legal atrocities into a harrowing, impossible-to-shake thriller that drops us into the center of an ethical labyrinth.

The info about the film in Chinese:


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