Asian Studies Alumni Featured in Japanese Newspaper and Magazine

Gabriela Romeu, 2013 graduate of the Asian Studies M.A. program at FIU, was featured in an Okinawa Times newspaper article in September.

“Enthusiastically Interested in Okinawan Culture”


Gabie Romeu (27) has been appointed by the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program to teach English at three elementary schools in Ginoza Village starting in September. Every day she brings a bento (packed lunch) to school and engages in fun cultural exchanges with the students during lunchtime. Gabie studied abroad at Ritsumeikan University [in Kyoto] and is interested in Japanese culture as well as Okinawan history and nature. She is glad to live in Ginoza Village and states, “I want to learn more about Okinawan history and enjoy its scenery.” Gabie describes her impression of Okinawa’s children as “funny and cute.” She is also excited to “teach Basic English and would also like show more of Miami, Florida (USA).”

In November AJET Connect magazine published her article, "Nationalism: By the Books," which can be found on pg. 20. Please click here to view the magazine.

Her article addresses the strained relations between China and Japan. Gabriela reflects on the recent developments in the East Asian region, as well as the ongoing Chinese resentment of Japan’s actions in WWII. The tension rose in 1965 when Japan began to publish textbooks that distorted and downplayed the accounts of the war atrocities it had committed, such as the Nanjing massacre. Recently, more historically correct textbooks have been adapted, but several issues on the basis of nationalism remain between the East Asian neighbors.