Memorial for Professor Yoshizu at AAS - Mar 30, 2014

AAS Conference in Philadeplhia, MARCH 30th, 2014 at 8:00AM

Professor Yoshizu in the 1980s

Many people in the field of Buddhist studies were deeply saddened to learn of the passing away recently of Professor YOSHIZU Yoshihide (1944-2014) of Komazawa University. Prof. Yoshizu was a former student of the renowned KAMATA Shigeo of Tokyo University and a specialist in the Huayan school, including its interface with Chan. He wrote several major works in this research area, and also published widely on various other topics, including Buddhist economics, a sociological analysis from the standpoint of Buddhism, and Dōgen’s writings such as “Genjōkōan” and “Shushōgi.” He was just retiring from the university, along with his close colleague Professor ISHII Shūdō, an authority on Chan/Zen. Beloved by his students and respected by peers, Prof. Yoshizu was also greatly appreciated as a kind friend and gracious mentor for numerous Western scholars who had the privilege to study with him at Komazawa U. His insight, compassion and wit will very much be missed.

The following AAS panel to be held Sunday, March 30 from 8 – 10 AM will include several scholars who knew Prof. Yoshizu: No. 319. “Constructing Modern Sōtō Zen Institutional Identity: The Role of Temple Images, Rivalries, Crossovers.” We will take a few minutes near the end of the session for a brief memorial to our dear friend, and encourage all those interested to attend and participate. Hope to see you there!

AAS Conference 2014

- Dr. Steven Heine, Professor and Director of Asian Studies.