2016 Southern Japan Seminar

This year's Southern Japan Seminar (SJS) was held on Florida International University’s (FIU) MMC Campus, Graham Center (GC) 150, Friday, February 26, 2016. Starting at 9:15 am with opening remarks from Dr. Steven Heine.

The Morning Panel included the following esteemed lecturers: Anne Allison (Duke University) in which she presented, "Greeting the Dead: Managing Solitary Existence in Japan", Raji Steineck (Universitat Zurich) who presented, "Visiting the Dragon King: Thinking Myth through Medieval Japanese Mythologies" and Dorothy Wong (University of Virginia) who presented "Horyuji Temple Wall Paintings in the East Asian Art Context."

Before lunch, the audience were privy to a special musical performance by Josh Seidler (FIU student) and Naofumi Murata (Japanese exchange student) in which they sang, Ue wo muite arukou.

The Afternoon Panel included the following esteemed lecturers: Consul General Ken Okaniwa (Consulate General of Japan in Miami) who discussed "Japan's Foreign Policy", Kip Fulbeck (University of California at Santa Barbara) who presented "Hafu & Hapa Identity: Challenging Cultural Definitions" and our very own FIU faculty, Steven Heine & Hitomi Yoshio (FlU) who presented "Tokyo: High City and Low City- 2016 NEH Summer Institute."

The final lectures were by FlU Asian Studies Graduate Students: Rebecca Richko and Rayna Rusenko who each discussed their thesis topics.


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