Alumni Spotlight "Jennifer Garcia"

Please tell us about what you have done since you graduated?

I worked for the JET program for 2 years, 2011-2013, worked and studied in Spain where I got a second Masters in Visual and Digital Media. I worked for the Education USA division of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid during my time in Spain. I am now living in Brooklyn, NY, where I work for a production company in Manhattan.

Is there anything else you would like future generations of students to know about your time in the Asian Studies program at FIU?

Foster those relationships about a shared passion for a region - it will go with you everywhere else in life, and go to the countries you're studying about - some things can't be taught in a classroom.

Any other updates since graduation that you would like to share with us?

I'm proud of the growth I've seen Asian Studies at FIU make since I graduated!

The picture below is Jennifer graduating from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, July 2016.