Interview with "Worlds Ahead Graduate" Margarita Rentis


Margarita “Margi” Rentis, has received the honor of becoming a Worlds Ahead Graduate. She is finishing up her BA in Asian Studies with a Japanese Area Studies Track, a BBA in Honors International Business, a Second Major in Management, and a Certificate in Asian Studies. President Mark B. Rosenberg will personally recognize her at the Fall 2017 commencement for her outstanding academic and personal achievements. Margarita is a former Fu Foundation Scholarship and U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship recipient. She traveled to Hikone, Japan to attend Shiga University for an intensive Japanese language program June-August of 2017.


We sat down with Margi to discuss why she chose FIU, her future plans, and what her secret to success is!

Why did you choose FIU?

In Junior high school, Margi started thinking about universities. She narrowed it down to the UK or Florida. She discovered that FIU’s International Business program is 7th in the nation, and that she would be able to pursue this degree as an undergraduate student. If you could tell your freshmen self one thing now, what would it be? Margi first got interested in Asian Studies when she was a sophomore. To incoming freshmen, she says it’s important to think about your major and how you can supplement it.

Is there anything you’d like future FIU students to know?

“Take advantage of all your options!” Margi said it’s important to get involved on campus from your very first semester! Try different things, and learn something outside your major, like applying for a certificate or minor. You will stand out if you don’t stick to one thing. “Hustle now so you don’t have to hustle later!”

What is one thing you’ve taken away from your time at FIU that you think will help you in the future?


It was hard for Margi to come up with one thing! She expressed that her experience with Asian Studies was her most memorable, and that she learned a lot from the diversity here at FIU. By interacting with students from so many different backgrounds and attending events on campus, she was able to network and make connections. She also expressed how beneficial it is to learn a new language – it may be intimidating but you never know how useful it could be to your future! Learning something completely new (in her case, Japanese) opens your mind and makes you more understanding.

After graduation, what are your plans?

After graduating, Margi will be doing an internship in marketing and sales in London! After this, she’d like to come back to Miami and possibly work for a cruise company or in the hospitality industry, which could allow her to integrate her Asian Studies degree with her International Business degree.

What is your secret?

We wanted to know how Margi has balanced three degrees, a certificate, as well as three trips to Japan (two through studying abroad with FIU, and most recently with the Critical Language Scholarship). She told us that her father is from a very poor village in Greece and he was the first in his family to pursue an education. Her family moved to the United States when Margi was one. She had a very humble upbringing and always looked up to her father who taught her to keep her eyes on the prize. This drove her to pursue an education in something she was passionate about.

We could not be more proud of Margi and we know she will go on to do wonderful things!