Dr. Heine Presented the Keynote Address at Florida Atlantic University


At Florida Atlantic University’s “Zen Buddhism: Roots and Branches” conference, Dr. Steven Heine, Professor and Director of the FIU Asian Studies Program, presented the keynote address . The conference took place on November 2-3 and was hosted by The Center for Body, Mind and Culture and the FAU Asian Studies Program.

Heine's speech tied the event together as he provided a critical overview of the current research and standing of the field of Zen Buddhism. He highlighted some of his most recent research on Wanshi (C. Hongzhi)-Ha 宏智派, which greatly influenced Sino-Japanese monastic and literary connections in the early 14th century. As they shuffled together for the photo above, the conference organizer referred to Heine as “the godfather of Zen."

Heine’s research focuses on Zen Buddhism and its transition from China to Japan. He has published more than 30 books on Japanese religion and society, including with several titles being highly regarded by Choice, including Sacred High City, Sacred Low City; Did Dōgen Go to China?; Zen Skin Zen Marrow, and Zen Masters, and the recent From Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen. In 2007, Heine was the recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette for his distinguished achievements in the field. He regularly lectures at a variety of universities, schools, associations, and conferences and has managed over $3 million of external funding to develop the Asian Studies Program at Florida International University.