Volume XXIV (2020)

JSR 2020 [Volume XXIV]

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Strategizing Asia: Japan’s Values-Based Diplomacy Amid Great Powers’ Competing Visions for Broader Asia
by B. Bryan Barber

How Many Bodies Does it Take to Make a Buddha? Dividing the Trikāya Among Founders of Japanese Buddhism
by Victor Forte

Behind the Shoji: Sex Trafficking of Japanese Citizens
by Rachel Serena Levine

The Infiltrated Self in Murakami Haruki’s “TV People”
by Masaki Mori


The Role of Compassion in Actualizing Dōgen’s Zen
by George Wrisley

How Journalists’ Bias Can Distort the Truth: A Case Study of Japan’s Military Seizure of Korea in 1904–1905
by Daniel A. Métraux

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