Our Submissions Include:

  • Articles: 20-30 manuscript pages
  • Essays: 10-15 manuscript pages
  • Book reviews: Books may be provided upon request
  • Submissions may be made via email attachment to

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must follow guidelines in order to be accepted.
  • They must be in Microsoft Word and Footnotes must follow Chicago style.


  • 10 pt font
  • Times New Roman
  • Articles should be justified
  • The first page on each article should have no page #
  • Authors name on header of even pages, all caps, align right with pg # on left.
  • Title of article on header of odd pages, all caps, align left with pg # on right (shortened title, usually first heading before colon or shortened version of long title).
  • Advertising is always on even pages (Ex. FIU Foundation)

Margin Format

  • Top 1.75”
  • Bottom 3”
  • Left 2.13”
  • Right 2.13”
  • Gutter 0”

Page Layout

  • Header & Footer 1”
  • Check the boxes: different odd and even,different first page


  • Japanese terms should be italicized
  • Indentation is one tab
  • HOMOGENIZE–style not as important just make formatting look as similar as possible
  • Book titles are in caps

Please refer to previous JSR issues for reference. All contributions should be addressed to the editor (Dr. Steven Heine) who, in consultation with the editorial board, will make the final decisions regarding publication. The response time is usually 6 weeks.

For further information on how to submit Footnotes, please click here