Fu Foundation Scholarship

The Fu Foundation was created in 1997 as a memorial in honor of the late Professor Charles Wei-hsun Fu, one of the premier scholars of Asian thought and culture, who taught in the U.S. and Taiwan.

The Scholarship is an award for students with outstanding qualifications for Asian Studies. It is intended for, but not limited to, studies of humanities and culture in Asia.

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Deadline for applications: May 5, 2019

For a list of recipients, visit the Fu Foundation Scholarship Recipients page.


Students who are awarded this scholarship can receive up to $500 towards FIU opportunities for study in Asia (available for semester exchange programs or summer sessions).

  • Up to $500 towards summer study/semester-long abroad programs in Asia


Students who wish to receive the scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have attended FIU for at least 1 year
  • Must have a GPA of at least 3.3
  • Must complete an Asian Studies degree program upon graduation

For Consideration, Please Submit the following information to asian@fiu.edu:

  1. Contact Information
    • Name
    • Panther ID
  2. Degree Program, Minor and/or Certificate (Must be from Asian Studies Program)
  3. Basic information about your trip:
    • (a) Where will you be spending your time abroad? How long will you be abroad (summer, semester or year)
    • (b) What do you plan to study while you are abroad? What is the purpose of your trip?
    • (c) What is you GPA?
    • (d) Provide a brief statement of why you are qualified and an explanation of why you need the funds
    • (e) Which University Professor(s) could be contacted for a brief recommendation?

Effective statements will also incorporate the following questions in a short essay (maximum length: Two pages, double-spaced)

  • What is your current major or area of interest?
  • How will participation in a study abroad program contribute to your studies?
  • What experiences have shaped your interest in studying in Asia?

For more information, contact Asian Studies

Florida International University
University Park, SIPA 505
Miami, FL 33199