Graduate Courses

PLEASE NOTE: The following is a complete list of courses that have been used towards an Asian Studies program. Due to space and scheduling availability, not all courses can be offered at any given time, therefore this list is to be used as a guide and is based on the online Course Catalog. Because Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program, it is possible to have credit from a course not listed below counted toward an Asian Studies degree/certificate with prior approval from the Asian Studies Office. These courses can include international or global topics.

Required Courses:

ASN 5315 Modern Asia
ASN 5050 Methods in Asian Studies OR ASN 6930 Asian Studies Seminar
ASN 5932 Special Topics in Asian Studies (Please note the Special Topics course can be counted towards either the cultural or international political economy track based on the course description and subject.)

Asian Studies Independent Research and Internships:
Permission from Asian Studies ( is needed prior to enrolling in the following courses.

ASN 5910 Independent Research
ASN 6940 Internship in Asian Studies

Asian Cultural Courses: (a possible area of concentration for students in the Asian Studies Master of Arts Program)

ARH 5550C Advanced Arts of China and Japan
ARH 5561C Literati Vision in Chinese Painting

ASH 5446 Readings in Japanese History
ASH 5905 Readings in Asian History
ASH 5930 Topics in Asian History

ASN 5130 Zen and the Arts
ASN 5131 Zen and the Arts II
ASN 5315 Survey of Modern Asia
ASN 5431 Studies of Women in East Asia
ASN 5815 Studies of East Asian Texts
ASN 5932 Special Topics: Global Japan
ASN 5932 Special Topics: Japan-US Relations
ASN 5932 Special Topics: State and Society in China
ASN 6930 Seminar in Asian Studies

FLE 5855 Pedagogical Methods for Chinese Language
FOW 5934 Special Topics in Language/Literature: Japanese Literature and Cinema

MUH 5057 Music of the World
MUH 5575 Survey of Asian Music

REL 5331 Religions of India
REL 5334 Studies on Diaspora Hinduisms
REL 5338 Classical Hinduisms
REL 5346 Seminar on Buddhism
REL 5352 Religions of East Asia
REL 5937 Sacred Image, Sacred Space in Indian Religions
REL 6332 Studies in Modern Hinduism
REL 6349 Seminar on Pali Buddhism
REL 6348 Seminar on Tibetan Buddhism
REL 6395 Seminar on Asian Religions

International Political Economy of Asia Courses: (a possible area of concentration for students in the Asian Studies Master of Arts Program)

ECO 5709 World Economy

INR 5086 Islam in International Relations
INR 5543 International Political Economy of East Asia
INR 5544 The New Asian Century
INR 5609 Contemporary Dynamics of International Relations
INR 5935 Special Topics: International Relations of China

SYD 5656 Global Japan
SYD 6418 Graduate Seminar in Urban Sociology (special focus on Asian cities)
SYD 6655 Seminar on Social Change in Asia
SYD 6901 Special Topics in Sociology (must have an Asian component and be approved by an Asian Studies advisor prior to enrollment)

Master of Arts in Asian Studies Exit Option Courses:

Prior to enrolling in the following courses, students must have passed 15 graduate credits within the Asian Studies MA program and must meet with the Program Director at least one semester in advance in order to determine which exit option is best for the student.

ASN 6912 Master's Essay in Asian Studies
ASN 6972 Master's Thesis in Asian Studies
*These courses are ALL considered to be Asian Area Studies Courses OR Asian-Specific Courses

Courses that are not in Course Catalog are used for reference when advising students who may have completed those courses prior to their removal from the catalog. In addition, these courses are retained on the Complete Course List in the advent of their reintroduction to the FIU Course Catalog. All references to the Course Catalog are referring to the Course Catalog available on Panthersoft through