Morikami Museum Scholarship

Morikami Museum Scholarship - FIU Asian Studies Program


The Morikami Scholarship at FIU was established by a generous gift made by the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens located in Delray Beach, Florida.

The scholarship is intended for two outstanding Asian Studies students who specialize in the field of Japanese culture, especially the arts, history, or social issues. This award includes funds for one graduate and one undergraduate student each academic year in the FIU Asian Studies Program.

The Morikami Museum will be informed of the qualifications of the final candidates, including their respective learning and/or research goals.

Scholarship recipients must submit a brief final statement summarizing their Japan studies activities and expressing their appreciation for the funding, which will be published in the Museum's newsletter.

For questions about this award, please contact the Asian Studies Program at

Congratulations to the Morikami Scholarship recipients!


  • Chiara Soccio, an MA student, took part in an FIU study abroad in Japan in the summer to research pop culture, digital media, and their intricate connections to various aspects of modern Japanese culture and society.
  • Elizabeth Quiñonez, a 4+1 BA/MA student, traveled to Japan this year to examine the relation between Meiji-period literature and the arts to developments in Japanese culture during the twentieth century.