M.A./Ph.D in Asian Studies & Global & Sociocultural Studies

Joint Degree Pathway: Master of Arts in Asian Studies & Ph.D. in Global & Sociocultural Studies

The combined Asian Studies MA/Global & Sociocultural Studies PhD pathway allows qualified graduate students to pursue both degrees at the same time. Students can develop an expertise in Asian Studies while progressing towards a PhD in one of the three majors in the Global and Sociocultural Studies PhD: geography, sociology, or anthropology.

To be accepted into this pathway, students must submit an online application to the PhD in Global and Sociocultural Studies with a sub-plan for a MA in Asian Studies. This designation will appear in the menu of programs in the graduate application. Students must submit an application by February 15th in the year in which they wish to begin their studies.

  • M.A./Ph.D. Admission Requirements

    M.A./Ph.D. Admission Requirements

    Admission requirements for BOTH programs must be met in order to be considered for admittance. All applicants for graduate study at FIU must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution for higher education, or equivalent degree from a foreign institution.

    All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements before applying to the Joint Degree Pathway of Asian Studies MA/PhD in Global & Sociocultural Studies:

    • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution for higher education (or equivalent);
    • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for the last two years of undergraduate work and/or a GPA of 3.5 on any previous graduate work;
    • Official Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores;
    • International graduate student applicants whose native language is not English and who have not obtained a degree from an English-speaking academic institution are required to submit a score for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). A total score of 80 on the internet based (iBT) TOEFL (equivalent to 550 on the paper-based version) or a 6.5 overall on the IELTS is required.

    The following documents must be submitted to complete the online application:

    • Online application and application fee;
    • Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate coursework;
    • Official GRE scores;
    • Official TOEFL scores, if applicable;
    • Statement of purpose explaining his/her interest for enrolling in both the AS MA program and in the Ph.D. program in GSS. The statement of purpose must clearly address the applicant's academic and professional objectives for enrolling in both fields of inquiry. The statement of purpose must also indicate the intended major (international political economy or Asian cultural studies for the AS MA ,and anthropology, geography, or sociology for Ph.D. in GSS) the applicant plans to select while engaged in the PhD in GSS;
    • Three letters of recommendation from university professors who are able to comment on the various aspects of the student's academic ability;
    • A curriculum vitae or resume; and
    • Writing samples and other relevant professional work that may support their applications.
  • M.A./Ph.D. Program Requirements

    Master of Arts in Asian Studies (MAAS)

    MAAS offers two tracks based on choice of exit option, Thesis (30 credits) or Master's Essay (Non-Thesis) (30 credits).

    Up to 30 credits earned for the MA in Asian Studies will count towards the 75 credits required for the PhD in GSS. Exceptions can be made based on the needs of the doctoral program.

    Core Coursework (6 credits)

    • ASN 5050 Methods in Asian Studies
    • ASN 5315 Topics in Modern Asia

    Courses required for GSS Track (12 credits)

    • ISS 6305 Research Design and Methods
    • SYA 6127 Theory and Inquiry
    • ISS 6317 Social Research Quantitative Methods
    • SYA 6959 Writing Research Proposals

    Asian Studies Courses (6 credits)

    6 credits Asia-specific courses pertaining to main concentration (from courses listed below):

    • SYD 5656 Global Japan
    • SYD 6418 Graduate Seminar in Urban Sociology
    • SYD 6655 Seminar on Social Change in Asia
    • SYD4654 State and Society in China

    Language Requirement

    Depending on the research topic students may be required to demonstrate language competency by the Asian Studies Graduate Committee.

    MAAS Exit Options, Thesis or Master's Essay (Non-Thesis)

    Thesis Exit Option (3 credits):

    • ASN 6972 Thesis

    Master's Essay (Non-Thesis) Exit Option (6 credits):

    • ASN 6912 Master’s Essay (3 credits) and one additional Asia-specific course (3 credits)

    Ph.D in Global and Sociocultural Studies (GSS)

    The doctorate in Global and Sociocultural Studies requires a minimum of 75 credits beyond the baccalaureate including a dissertation based on original research, up to 33 credits of the MA in AS will count toward the 75-credit minimum. Thus, a minimum of 42 credits must be earned beyond the MA.

    Major Courses (36 credits)

    All doctoral students will choose a major in Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology. The following distribution of coursework is required:

    a) Major theory methods (3)

    b) Major methods (3)

    c) Major course electives (9 minimum)

    • Doctoral Exam Preparation (6 maximum)
    • Doctoral Dissertation (15 minimum)

    General Electives (6 credits)

    GSS and non-GSS Department electives

    Ph.D. General Examination

    After successfully completing the common core requirements, the major's course requirements, and electives, a student prepares for the Ph.D. General Exam by enrolling in a maximum of six credits of exam preparation for their major. In preparation for the exam, a student forms a dissertation committee according to the regulations published on the University Graduate School web page http://gradschool.fiu.edu/. The Ph.D. General Exam addresses the student’s anticipated dissertation topic, and is conducted according to the University Graduate School Policies and Procedures Manual and the Department’s Ph.D. General Exam guidelines.

    The Dissertation Proposal and Defense/Candidacy Exam

    After passing the Ph.D. General Exam, a student works under the guidance of the dissertation committee to prepare a dissertation proposal and defend it orally before the committee. The chair of the dissertation committee must hold Dissertation Advisor Status from the University Graduate School. The proposal defense serves as the doctoral candidacy exam for the Ph.D. program in Global and Sociocultural Studies. Upon passing the proposal defense, a student is admitted to candidacy status.