Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese

The AFTJ, Inc. is the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese. We are a registered, non-profit educational organization devoted to the study and teaching of Japanese language and culture from K-16 level. The purpose of our association is to encourage, support, sustain and improve the teaching of Japanese at all levels of instruction in Florida, and to promote a cooperative spirit through the exchange of ideas and cordial fellowship among its members as well as to serve the community's interests.

Since its incorporation in 1996, the association has been holding semi-annual meetings, presenting many workshops, and publishing its quarterly newsletter, AFTJ Tidings, for both its members and the community.


The AFTJ is closely affiliated with the FFLA, Florida Foreign Language Association and well as NCJLT, the National Council of Japanese Language Teachers. Our Annual Meeting is held every April or May and our Fall Meeting is held in the second week of October in conjunction with the FFLA Annual Conference. For more information, please see our News and Events.

Who can join?

We truly welcome anyone interested in the teaching or study of the Japanese language and culture to become a member of AFTJ upon payment of annual dues. Membership dues are currently set at $25.00 per year for teachers and professors, $40.00 for high school teachers who also wish to join the NCJLT, $10.00 for supporters and $5.00 for students.

For more information please visit the AFTJ website in English or their Facebook page.

AFTJ teachers from left to right: Satoko Norishirazi, Mari Williams, Aya Tachiki, Naoko Komura, Mako Nozu, Rikiya Kawano, Yours truly, Eiko Williams, Etsuko Collins, Meiko Avello, Mayako Nakamura