M.A./Ph.D in Asian Studies & History

Joint Degree Pathway: Master of Arts in Asian Studies & Ph.D. in History

The combined M.A. in Asian Studies/Ph.D. in History pathway allows qualified graduate students to pursue both degrees simultaneously. To be accepted into this pathway, students must simultaneously submit applications for the M.A. in Asian Studies and the Ph.D. in History. Applicants must meet the admission eligibility requirements and follow the admission procedures for both programs. Students must fulfill the requirements for both programs, and up to 36 credits may count for both degrees. To graduate, students must complete the requirements of the History doctoral program, including the required 75 hours. During their first two years of enrollment in this combined degree pathway, students will enroll in the coursework which fulfills the Asian Studies M.A. requirements.

Students should apply for graduation with the MA in Asian Studies as soon as they have completed all requirements for the degree – including the exit requirements, as specified for the MA in Asian Studies. Ordinarily, students will complete these requirements and earn their MA before advancing to candidacy for the PhD in History.