Why Asian Studies?


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As the world is becoming increasingly global, and barriers of communication and distance are broken down, people are faced with different cultures, languages, and values. Businesses, politicians, economists, and sociologists, among others, are finding ways to deal with this international explosion. The greatest boom in growth and power for the past half-century, and still speeding ahead, is the Asian region. The recent induction of China into the WTO, the still ever present domination of technology and quality in Japan, the rise of a larger consumer market and work force in India and China, and political conflicts between North and South Korea, are several of the major aspects that are and have been occurring in Asia. To stay competitive in today’s work force, one must have an all-inclusive understanding of all the aspects and a thorough comprehension of the multicultural challenges inherent in today’s global business environment and politics. The Asian Studies B.A. will equip the student with the skills and knowledge to remain competitive in today’s international environment. Students will develop behavioral and cultural sensitivity and knowledge, acquire critical language skills, and foster awareness of current affairs in Asia, in addition to having access to local/national internship opportunities as well as study abroad and semester exchange programs.

Career Opportunities

Please note that this list includes examples of career opportunities with an Asian Studies degree and is not by any means a completed list of all possible available careers.


Archivist, Social and Cultural Researcher, Site Administrator, Environmental, Archaeology

International Business

International Trade Specialist, Finance, Communications, International Conference Planner, International Management, Market Research Analyst, Trade Associations, Negotiators

State and Federal Government

Congressional Aide, Immigration and Naturalization Officer, Special Agent-FBI/CIA, US Customs Service Officer, Armed Forces


Instructor of Foreign Language, Arts and Humanities, Research, University Professor (required Ph.D.)

Foreign Affairs/ Foreign Services

Foreign Affairs Officer, Cultural Affairs officer, Foreign Embassy representative, Foreign Policy Consultant, International Relations

Translator, Interpreter

Government, UN, Schools and Universities, Military, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Business, Travel Industry, Retail, Newspaper, Radio, Television

Marketing and Public Relations

Corporate Communications, International Marketing, Consumer Advocate, Development Officer, International Advertising Consultant


Editor, Writer, Broadcast Journalist, Freelance Journalist

Travel Industry

Travel Agent, Management, Historic Site Guide, Flight Attendant

Museum Operations

Curator, Researcher, Exhibition Coordinator, Librarian


Performer, Script Writer, Producer, Artist

Non-Profit Agencies/Associations

Peace Corps, Refugee Affairs, Cross Cultural Educator, Pacific Asian Affairs Council, Asian Pacific American Organizations

Partial List of Representative Internships

Non-Profit Agencies/Associations:

  • Asian American Federation of Florida
  • Chinese Arts and Cultural Center
  • Consulate-General of Japan at Miami
  • Enterprise Florida, Inc.
  • Florida Consortium for International Education
  • Florida Collegiate Consortium for International/Intercultural Education
  • Florida Council International Development
  • Florida-Korea Economic Cooperation Committee
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Ikebana Society of South Florida
  • Japan Foundation
  • Japan Society of South Florida
  • Jikei-American Center
  • Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
  • Southeast U.S. Japan Association
  • Taipei Economic & Cultural Office – Commercial Division
  • World Trade Association of Florida

Governmental Agencies:


  • Florida Department of State, Office of International Affairs
  • Florida Department of State, Office of Cultural Affairs
  • Florida Department of State, Office of Library and Information Services
  • Florida Department of State, Division of Licensing
  • Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations


  • The Brookings Institute
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS)
  • United States Department of Commerce
  • United States Information Agency
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service
  • United States Postal Service

Marketing and Public Relations Firms:

  • Imarcsgroup.com (Tallahassee)
  • Brand Institute (Miami)


  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Army Special Forces
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy

Consulting and Legal Firms:

  • Sandler, Travis, and Rosenburg, P.A. an International Trade and Business Practice (Miami)
  • Merrill Lynch, (Miami)
  • American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.

Communications Industries (Newspapers, Magazines, Radio/TV, Film):

  • Asia CNN
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Systems
  • Miami Herald
  • National Geographic
  • NHK World TV/Radio
  • Sony Entertainment, Inc.