In developing Asian Studies at FIU, Dr. Heine has been the principle investigator on the following:

2007-2023 National Consortium for Teaching About Asia

  • National Consortium for Teaching about Asia teacher training program; FIU is the lead institution in Florida.
  • This seminar is designed to give Florida K-12 teachers an introduction to the history and contemporary issues and problems of East Asia, a region whose dynamism and vibrancy is sure to make it an even larger part of the state of Florida and our children’s future.

2015-2016 National Endowment for Humanities

  • Summer Institute for College Teachers, “Tokyo: High and Low City”

2013-2017 Japan Foundation

  • The South Florida Partnership in Japanese Studies (SFPJS) Housed at FIU Project
  • Created a new Japanese History Assistant Professor position
  • Research conferences or faculty development workshops for specialist and non-specialist faculty in History and other departments
  • Curriculum development through course infusions at FIU and FAU
  • Library support to build the vernacular and digital collections
  • Publication support to expand the scope of the Japan Studies Review, an annual peer-reviewed journal
  • Study tour or research travel to Japan for faculty or graduate students

2008-2011 Japan Foundation

  • Salary assistance for Japanese studies
  • Created a new sociology instructor position

2006-2008 National Endowment for the Humanities

  • Miami-China Connection for "Chinese Language and Culture"

2006-2007 Department of Education

  • Foreign Language Assistantship Program grant for "Bilingual Education Through Mandarin Instruction"

2006-2007 Kauffman Entrepreneurship Professors Award

  • Asian Values in Business

2004-2007 Center for Global Partnerships

  • JapaNet teacher training program

2003-2006 Japan Foundation

  • Salary Assistance for language instruction, created a new Japanese instructor position

2001-2004 Department of Education

  • Title VI International Undergraduate Programs and Foreign Languages grant for "South Florida Consortium for Asian Arts and Culture"

1999-2001 Department of Education


Associate Director of the School of International and Public Affairs, 2009-2012

  • Performed along with responsibilities as Director of Asian Studies.

Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, 2007

  • Bestowed on Dr. Heine by the Government of Japan, this award represents the fourth highest of eight classes associated with the award.
  • This award is in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the advancement of the study of Japanese culture and the promotion of understanding of Japan.

Kauffman Entrepreneurship Professors Award, 2006

  • Awarded by the Florida International University’s Eugenio Pino and Family Global Entrepreneurship Center housed in the College of Business Administration that has led to research and a seminar on Asian cultural values in business.
  • The project is based on Heine’s book White Collar Zen: Using Zen Principles to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goal.

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Award, 2004

  • This was bestowed for lifetime achievement in service to the exchanges between Japan and America and contributing to the benefit of Japan-U.S. relations.


  • Editor for the Japan Studies Review journal
  • Review editor for Philosophy East and West journal (2002-2018)
  • American Academy of Religion, Chair (2004-2010)
    • Zen Reading Group (2015-present)
    • Sacred Space in Asia (2004-2010)
  • American Academy of Religion, Chair (1995-2001)
    • Japanese Religions Group (1995-2001)

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