Asian Globalization and Latin America (Online)

Program Description

This fully Online undergraduate certificate in Asian Globalization and Latin America (AGLA) is an 18-credit course of study designed for degree-seeking students. The certificate focuses on the language and culture of both Asia and Latin America (specifically Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish), while allowing the student to specialize in such fields as anthropology, business, dance, fine arts, history, international relations, music, philosophy, and religion as related to the regions.

The certificate represents a way to gain specialized knowledge of integrative, trans-regional issues in relation to Asia and Latin America. It is only available to degree-seeking students.

Note: Please understand that this certificate is only available to students who are completing a fully online degree program within FIU. Please contact an Asian Studies advisor for more information.

Requirements (18 Credits) - Asian Studies Online Courses

All Online ASN-prefix Courses are applicable. Interdisciplinary online courses are to be chosen in consultation with and approval of an advisor. A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses (C- is not acceptable).

Students can apply credit from online sections of independent study, internship, or study abroad with the approval of the Asian Studies advisor or Program Director. Students must complete:

  • 2 semesters of primary language family AND 1 semester of the other language family - See Language Requirement below. (A maximum of 9 language credits will be applied toward the certificate)
  • 1 Asian Area Studies course (3 credits) - Sample course list is below. See an advisor for other online course options.
  • Online Courses with the ASN-prefix are accepted
    • ASN 3015 South Asian Cultures
    • ASN 3016 China Then and Now
    • ASN 3125 Spirituality of Japan
    • ASN 3143 Corporate Culture of China (Global Learning)
    • ASN 3200 Asia Through Film
    • ASN 3202 Japanese Anime and Manga
    • ASN 3210 K-Pop and J-Pop Culture
    • ASN 3329 Women in Asian Society
    • ASN 3403 Zen and the Art of Tea Ceremony I
    • ASN 3410 Introduction to East Asia (UCC Foundations Global Learning OR Discipline-Specific Global Learning)
    • ASN 3414 Pop Cultures of East Asia
    • ASN 3503 Exploring East Asia: Virtual Reality Travel
    • ASN 3931 Special Topics in Asian Studies
    • ASN 4111 Japan and the New East
    • ASN 4404 Zen and the Art of Tea Ceremony II (no prerequisites required)
    • ASN 4810 East Asian Classics to Cool Writings in Translation
    • ASN 4913 Research in Japanese Studies
  • 1 Latin American Area Studies course (3 credits) - Sample course list is below. See an advisor for other online course options.
    • AMH 4588 Introduction to Latina/o History
    • CPO 3304 Politics of Latin America
    • CPO 4303 Politics of South America
    • CPO 4323 Politics of the Caribbean
    • CPO 4333 Politics of Central America
    • CPO 4340 Politics of Mexico
    • CPO 4360 Cuban Politics
    • LAH 3132 The Formation of Latin America
    • LAH 4734 Latin American History Through Film
    • LAS 3002 Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    • LAS 4294 Contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean
    • LAH 4471 Colonial Caribbean in Comparative Perspective
    • LAH 4482 Cuba: 18th-20th Centuries
    • LAH 4483 Cuba Since 1959
    • LAH 4600 History of Brazil
    • LAH Politics of Race and Nation in Brazil
    • LAH 4721 History of Women in Latin America
    • LAH 4722 Health, Medicine, and Disease in Latin American Social History
    • LAH 4731 Latin American Environmental History
    • LAH 4734 Latin American History Through Film
    • LAH 4737 Music, Modernity, and Identity in Latin American History
    • LAH 4932 Topics in Latin American History
    • INR 4032 Asia and Latin America in World Affairs
  • 1 Global or Comparative Studies course (3 credits) - Sample course list is below. See an advisor for other online course options.
    • ANT 3212 World Ethnographies
    • ANT 3016 Language and Culture
    • REL 3308 Studies in World Religions
    • COM 3461 Intercultural/Interracial Communication
    • CPO 3010 Comparative Politics:Theory and Practice
    • CPO 4742 Comparative Political Economy
    • GEO 3001 Geography of Global Change
    • GEO 4354 Geography of the Global Food System
    • IDS 3315 Gaining Global Perspectives
    • LIN 4640 Languages and Cultures of the World
    • SYP 4454 Globalization and Society
    • SSE 4380 Developing a Globalized Perspective
    • INR 3045 The Global Challenge of Refugees and Immigrants
    • SYP 3456 Societies of the World
    • SYD 4604 Cities and Sustainability: Latin America, Africa, and Asia in a Globalizing World

Language Requirement (Online Courses)

All students are required to demonstrate proficiency (two semesters) in one language group and familiarity (one semester) in the other. Students already demonstrating proficiency in an Asian or Latin American language may be exempt from this requirement. This requirement may be satisfied through examination (see advisor), course work, or by following one of the following sequences:

Group A: Asian Studies (Only fully online courses)

  • CHI 1130 Chinese I
  • JPN 1130 Japanese I
  • JPN 1131 Japanese II
  • JPN 2200 Intermediate Japanese I

Group B: Portuguese and Spanish (Only fully online courses)

  • POR 1130 Portuguese I
  • POR 1131 Portuguese II
  • SPN 1130 Spanish I
  • SPN 1131 Spanish II

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