South and Southeast Asia Area Studies

Program Description

The certificate in South and Southeast Asia Area Studies provides a multidisciplinary approach covering the philosophy, religion, art history, and literature of South and Southeast Asia as well as issues in history, politics, geography, sociology/anthropology, and international relations. The program is intended to enhance degree-seeking student's competitiveness upon graduation. This certificate is only available to degree-seeking students.

This certificate is not available for fully online degree seeking students.

Requirements (18 Credits)

A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses (C- is not acceptable).

  • South and Southeast Asian regional studies courses (18 credits)
  • Students may receive credits through study abroad or internship programs.

Students are to choose from the courses listed below with the approval of the Director. These courses represent a partial list; students should consult with an adviser for the certificate program about current course offerings and a full list of courses accepted for the certificate.

  • ASH 4384 History of Women in Asia
  • ASN 3015 South Asian Culture
  • EUH 4520 England in the 18th Century
  • ECS 3021 Women, Culture, and Economic Development
  • ECS 3200 Economics of Asia
  • EVR 3402 Asian Environmental Issues
  • FIN 3652 Asian Financial Markets and Institutions
  • INR 3081 Contemporary International Problems
  • INR 3227 International Relations of South Asia
  • INR 4082 Islam in International Relations
  • LIT 4197 Global Asian Literature
  • PHH 3810 Philosophy of Buddhism
  • PHH 3840 Indian Philosophy
  • REL 3026 Folk Religions in Asia and the World
  • REL 3310 Introduction to Asian Religions
  • REL 3316 Healing in Asian Religions
  • REL 3330 Religions of India
  • REL 3336 Intro to Jainism
  • REL 3399 The Art of Yoga and Meditation
  • REL 4312 Jews of Asia
  • REL 3340 Survey of Buddhism
  • SYA 3810 Gender and Power in Asia


  • No specific language requirement, although it is recommended. Sanskrit courses may be available online, please check with an advisor. If you have any questions about a particular course, please email