Chinese Studies

Program Description

The certificate in Chinese Studies provides a multidisciplinary approach covering the philosophy, religion, art history, and literature of China as well as issues in history, politics, geography, sociology/anthropology, and international relations. The program is intended to enhance degree-seeking student's competitiveness upon graduation. This certificate is only available to degree-seeking students.

Requirements (18 Credits)

A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses (C- is not acceptable).

  • 4 semesters of Chinese Language (up to 12 credits can apply toward certificate)
  • Two courses in Chinese or East Asian area studies (6 credits)
  • Students may receive credits through study abroad or internship programs.

Chinese Language Course Offerings

  • CHI 1130 Chinese I
  • CHI 1131 Chinese II
  • CHI 2200 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHI 2201 Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHI 3400 Intermediate Chinese Conversation
  • CHI 3410 Advanced Chinese I
  • CHI 3440 Business Chinese

For a complete list of available courses, see the Complete List of Courses.